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Custom Navigation

Create custom navigation between your Post Types with the new Navigation element and the advanced Navigation Query of the Posts module.


Posts Pattern

With the custom Pattern you can create modern and creative procedural grid layouts based on a Content Block with no limits on creativity.

Posts Sticky Scroll

 The Sticky Scrolling creates a modern sticky Carousel that you can configure with different options like scrolling direction, fluid elements, and more.

Posts Table

The Table layout is a minimalist approach to presenting your Post Types as elegant rows with the different elements organized as ordered columns.

Posts Titles

The Titles layout is a modern design approach for displaying your Post Types contents with images that appear on text hover in varied creative ways.


The Marquee option is designed to display custom headings that slide from left to right or vice versa, with an automatic or triggered on scroll animation.

Rotating Headings

Delight your website users with multiple interchangeable words that will change with animation effects and display different content in a sentence.

Fixed Elements

Create fixed texts that breaks your design’s mold or integrates fixed text elements with the most important Call to Action into your page!

Parallax Elements

The Parallax effect is a modern design feature that is commonly used to create an engaging homepage or a landing page that stands out from the crow.

Blog News

Blog Wide

Before & After

The Before & After element is a great way to display on your pages an alternate version of images enhanced with a smooth transition slide effect.



Checkout Fluid


Cart Fluid

Your Cart

Checkout Vertical

Complete your order

Cart Vertical

Review your order

Cart Bold

Checkout Columns


Cart Columns

Shopping Cart

Checkout Boxed

Complete your shopping

Cart Boxed

Review your order


Cart Full

Animated Headings

Grab visitors’ attention bring your web pages to life with the six different heading animation effects and the animated underline options.


Content Slider

The Content Slider allows you to easily create sleek, flexible and responsive header sliders using the Page Builder or interactive sections of contents.




Shop Metro

Amazing elegant and functional.

Shop Grid

A clean layout for a stylish e-commerce.


Team Members

Easy create your team members listings using different custom layout modes, adding descriptions, roles, social profiles, or lightbox options and effects.

Rows & Columns

One of the most potent Grid System available on a WordPress theme with vertical alignments, padding presets, equal-height, Off-Grid, and more…

Google Maps

This Google Maps module can be used on any page or post with intuitive options that allow you to use the default or customized style.


Uncode is a pixel perfect Creative Multiuse and WooCommerce WordPress Theme designed with terrific attention to details. With exclusive features, Uncode empowers designers to create stunning contemporary WordPress websites without touch a single line of code.

Contact Classic

If you'd like to discuss working with us, find out more about the range of services we have to offer, or just want to have a chat, please get in touch.

Ordered Lists

Create handly lists that allow you to group your set of related items and customize them selecting over 900 icons with custom colors.

Posts Grid

Create any grid layout you can think of, from simple grids to advanced Masonry and Metro variations, using Posts, Pages, Portfolios, or Products.

Counters & Countdown

Attract and delight your visitors with the Counters and Countdown elements. Include your final measurement and begin counting at scroll.

Icon Box

The Icon Box element allows you to style and customize with different options some cool icons and use them with a heading and a tiny bit of content.

Testimonial Quotes

Uncode allows you to create flexible sliders of testimonials and Twitter oEmbed quotes, a perfect way to show some good words about you.


Create your headings with different options that can be mixed and combined:  HTML semantic, custom sizes, different fonts, weights, colors, and more.


Use dividers to separate the different content within a page and customize them with different sizes, weights, colors, icons, and links.

Chart & Progress

These are great for displaying types of data and content to your viewers, change color, thickness, percentage, custom text and icons.

Contact Forms

The Contact Form module lets you easily add your Contact Form 7 forms into any area of your page with different styling options.

Grid Systems

The backbone of Uncode is a fluid grid system that scales up to 12 responsive columns with impressive options for full-width or boxed layouts.

Pricing Tables

Call-to-action pricing tables are crucial for showcasing your services and prices. Make your offerings stand-out with these designs.

Media Gallery

With dozens of design options that can be combined to suit any possible need, you can create multimedia galleries of images, video, or audio files.

Tabs & Accordions

Tabs and Accordions are perfect for displaying a bunch of organized information in a small area with a modern interface and different settings.

Posts Carousels

Create attractive sleek Carousel layouts with extensive design settings using blog posts, portfolio items, shop products, or images and videos files.

Lightbox Options

The best full-features Lightbox experience allows you to create a beautiful responsive overlay, combining images, videos, and mobile touch gestures.

Single Media

Place your images, video, and audio files easily throughout your content, and customise them with attractive options and handy design settings.


Easily insert interactive call-to-action buttons on any page, customize them with dedicated styling options, or add custom actions and behaviors.


A professional typography system based on a solid vertical rhythm that includes all the HTML styles you can use to build your new page in seconds.


Checkout Basic

Complete your order

Cart Basic

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